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How to deal with Net4India Issues? What are the possible solutions for clients of Hearts media

Have you been looking for a solution to the Net4India insolvency problem?

You’ve come to the right place. We have all of the information and resources that you need in order to find a solution. Whether you want to know what your options are or how best to deal with this situation, we can help.

With our advice, it will be easy for you to get back on track and keep moving forward with your business without any worries about Net4india insolvency. Our team is here 24/7 so feel free contact us anytime!

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What steps to take next if your website is down

Is your domain a .com or .in?

If you have a .in domain the please follow this

Contact the support give here at Nixi website

The document from NIXI for your reference can be found here

NiXI Doc

The Entire Compliance and Notice issued by ICANN to net4india can be accessed here for reference

ICANN Report

ICANN Support page for Net4India Customers.

For customers with a domain name .com, .org, etc. Kindly check the link below and file a formal complaint about your website shutdown.


Try to create Multiple domain names as a back up

This is the most popular choice at present as the business has got their website down.

Try to create s similar website in .com or .in  or .org etc. There are many options available and you could find the domain names by checking in this tool by godaddy


Global Registrars recommended by us:

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Email Alternative recommended by us:

We suggest a business entity to migrate to an enterprise-level email provider such a G Suite.

  1. Book new alternative domain from yourself with your personal email id and mobile number, so that you will have the control of the domain with you. Always buy domains from Global registrars given above
  1. Once you purchase the domain, you can buy Hosting space and Email pack as per your requirement from the same service provider which you have chosen for domain Registration.


  1. By doing this, you will have the complete control over your Domain+Hosting+Email package, so that any necessary changes has to be made it is in your control to do so.


  1. After purchasing the same, you may share only the hosting control panel with us for uploading your existing website files in your new Hosting so that the new domain starts working parallely along with you existing website.

Contact us for any clarification!