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What Is PPC And How To Use It Effectively?

Traditional Marketing used to have the following

  • Newspaper ads
  • Billboards
  • TV Channel Ads
  • Magazine Ads

Now those mediums not only cost a great deal but there was no way to check how many actually watched those and which medium was being the effective source of communication.

With Digital Marketing we have PPC also known as pay per click. You will get to know who clicked on your ad and then how many effective conversions from the ad and also which ad or channel is bringing you this visitor.

This has not only changed the way marketers used to spend now they can split tests, optimize the best performing ads to bring in greater ROI. Online Businesses that need an immediate increase in traffic and revenue do not miss the great opportunity in PPC ads.

PPC ads give tremendous control over the marketing budget and they can increase their spending on an ad that is working great and reduce their spending on areas where it does not seem to work So You get every bit of money spent worth on your ad.

Types of Pay-Per- Click Advertising

Types of PPC Ads

  • Paid Search PPC (in Google and Bing etc)
  • Social Media Paid Advertising (Text, Banner, Image, video, posts displayed on social media websites)
  • Paid Display Advertising (Text, Banner, Image, displayed on  similar websites)
  • Paid Retargetting Advertising (Ads displayed for an audience who have at some point clicked on your ads but did not complete the required action. This method uses cookies to retarget such audience or customers)
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Advantages of PPC

  • PPC ads are highly targetted
  • Full financial control on Ads
  • Test Track and Tweak on the Go
  • Business no longer pays for display but only if someone takes action and clicks ..
  • Improves your reach
  • Once Optimized the traffic and results are predictable
  • Technically a lot simpler than SEO. Your Ads are placed as per your bids as against SEO long term strategy and technical page rankings and link creations
  • option to remarket or retarget audience who showed interest but did not complete action.
  • Quick Results: A typical ad can take a few days or weeks to show results while SEO takes a minimum 90- 120 days to organically work their ranking and bring traffic

Disadvantages of PPC

  • Special knowledge required for setup configuring and bidding for different networks. Need to have trained staff to carry this method.
  • competitive and expensive
  • Time-consuming as it needs to be monitored regularly. Keeping up to date and bidding is difficult
  • Inappropriate for companies with less product range or lower budgets for ads.

PPC is important from an SEO perspective as it tends to help the overall website ranking if used with correct optimization.

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