Best Website Design and Development in Bangalore

What features should a website design have before you start working on web development? Well here are the must have elements which make a user experience better and must me incorporated if you are  serious about your business. A website should be able to generate interest , should be easy to navigate, hold a visitors attention, compel him to take action and contact you. Therefore you need to ensure every element is optimized to serve a purpose.

Table of Contents

Website Design and Development

Engaging Content

The most important part of a website which is so often ignored is the content of your home page and inside pages. Its what keep your visitors on page and not only creates awareness about your brand but will help you bring them back for more once they see value in your content.

Now this could be through videos, images and text or a combination of all three. Do whatever you need to keep your visitors on your website and the best way is keep creating great content.

Engaging Content

User Friendly

A user friendly website should be easy to browse, fast loading , mobile optimized and easily navigate to the page which a customer want to reach.

A website which makes these elements hard would not only create a bad user experience but worse you may not be visible on the search if your bounce rate is high. So keep in mind for a clean and simple interface rather than creative navigation.

User Friendly

Visually Attractive

It is important to have a visually attractive website which is coherent across desktops and mobile. Keep your branding like logo , color of your brand to make a visual connect to your business.

Brand recall and awareness are an important elements which needs increases a business credibility.

Visually Attractive

Easily Found on Search and Social Media

All the above elements like engaging content, visually attractive, user friendly will not make any sense if your business is not found on the web.

You need to integrate your digital marketing campaign which should include SEO , Social Media along with building your email list with email marketing to make a website productive and successful.

Easily Found on Search

Engage With Audience For Business Objectives

A Good Design will have intuitive ways to enagage your audience and drive them to get your business objectives fulfilled. It could be to capture their email or call to action to make a purchase.

Fast to Load

Nobody likes to wait .. and if your website takes too long to load especially in this fast paced mobile users foccused visitors.

Then most probably than not you will find your potential visitors leaving our website. This in turn triggers a bounce rate as high and google will pull down your website below your competitors

Mobile Optimized

Mobile is the future of all website visitors and hence aptly google wants all your website to be mobile optimized to give users a better experience wherever they are.

SEO Enabled

The site should be optimized for SEO and humans alike. It should have compelling content to engage readers and at the same time do not underestimate the power of tags, schema and sitemaps.

Conversion Optimized

A Website should be optimized for conversion. it could be for products in case of e-commerce or seek your service which you are specialized in.

Email Marketing Featured

A Website needs to have the feature to have a contact form enabled and should be able to build a customer list from the visitors who are interested in the products or services provided by you.

Social Media Enabled

 It is very important to integrate a strong social media platform-enabled website allowing user to quickly access your social media pages. This is a great way to broaden your brand reach and create awareness.

Security Enabled

 As technologies are updated so is the need to have a strong security feature to protect your website and content.

It is very important to be visible in the digital platform and which media or channel to use and understand and target and utilize your content.

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